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Vanubian specializes in digital transformation, and software development, aimed at solving popular problems in developing societies. (continues below... )

As Africa's e-commerce sector records the most explosive growth on the planet, it promises an unprecedented creation of wealth, and jobs, across the continent.

Unfortunately though, if current trends continue, the beneficiaries of this new economy will remain a small clique of savvy enterprises - indeed mostly from outside the continent. This is because most local micro-businesses may never grasp the full complexities, nor afford the many hidden costs of bringing their business ventures online, in a way that enables competitiveness.

Vanubian aims to be an equalizer in this space. By leveraging the best of interactive go-to-market technologies, small business development services and crowd-sourcing, we drop the barriers to entry into effective e-commerce, while building the capacity for success, of Africa's multitude of aspiring and existing businesses.

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