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Business survival rates are dismal worldwide, with between 50% (USA region) to 90% (some African countries) failing in their first 5 years. And for those that do survive, most operate at far below their potential. At the same time however, e-commerce is showing a spectacular growth average of 11% (CAGR) worldwide, from $1.3 trillion in 2014, towards an expected $7.7 trillion by 2025. (continues below... )

At Vanubian, we passionately follow the latest insights into why most businesses today are headed towards failure, as well as how the world's best practices in automation, data analysis and community building, borrowed from the wildly successful e-commerce sector, can help these businesses beat those odds.

That’s why - when we take on clients - we work from the ground up as explained below, in whole or in part - depending on your immediate goals.

1. Competitive data analysis:
Live data sourcing to understand your current business metrics, how your target e-commerce market is doing online, the possibilities available to you - among others. This results in metrics and benchmarks that we can begin to work with.

2. Digital strategy development:
Businesses are categorized into 1 of 4 e-commerce levels - according to revenues and challenges usually faced at each level - starting from businesses doing $1,000 a month in sales, to those doing over $100,000 a month. Using the competitive metrics derived earlier, we develop strategies and forecasts that can be aimed at moving you one step upwards, from where you currently are on the scale, or simply achieving your next possible target in your industry.

3. Multi-channel e-commerce development:
Using the strategy document above, we build you a brand-focused e-commerce portal that is:

• Capable of showcasing and selling across multiple channels as needed, including the website, social media, and offline (in-shop, POS, in-person, pop-ups), thus allowing you to sell everywhere your customers are most present, with unified record keeping, and without the hassle (and costs) of multiple software installations.

• Multi-screen friendly: Able to fully deliver your brand, win your audience, provide a smooth user experience, and close sales at any screen size: mobile, tablet, or desktop.

• Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant security (i.e. bank grade security), and anti-fraud analysis.

• Fast, reliable (99.98% uptime), and can smoothly handle traffic spikes (black friday, etc).

• Includes blog section to keep your market engaged.

• Built to the highest quality standards used by the world's best companies.

4. Customer base development:
• Data-based, performance marketing campaigns to capture customer attention and interest in competitive markets.

• How to break the ice into your market and represent the 3 key criteria for moving forwards - quality, reliability and trust.

• Building an engaged community of your best prospects around your products, and achieving pre-eminence in your market.

• Leveraging targeted communications and incentives to move a good part of your community through your sales funnel path - from interest, to evaluation, to buying, to adoption.

5. Automation and integrations:
You can't grow fast enough if you (or your team) juggle too many chores everyday. Our automation solutions helps you deliver the consistent high quality service and availability that your customers now expect, in today’s global village, while saving you the on-going costs of human resources, and your personal time.

•  Real-time inventory management across multiple channels or stores, reducing losses and the expenses of manual stock-taking.

• Remove bottlenecks in your fulfilment and shipping processes, by automated funnelling of your processed orders to recommended, reliable, local and international delivery providers, or recommended international warehouses.

• Automated incentive and loyalty schemes, to help you grab, delight and retain customers in tough markets.

• Automate transaction communications: invoices, receipts, order/delivery notifications, reminders, etc, and simplify mass email communications with different categories of customers.

• Simplified administration across larger organisations, unifying activity from field reps, operations, managers, with real-time infographic reports on KPIs for decision makers.

• Optional: We can automate product sourcing (at lower prices) and delivery, to your customers anywhere in the world (at your chosen prices) from vetted, reliable manufacturers of thousands of high demand products, or from international warehouses.

• Optional: Automate most of your customer service and be available 24/7 via highly trained intelligent chatbots, with options for accessibility via web, SMS, mobile messengers (Whatsapp/Facebook), and interactive voice (phone IVR).

6. Store operations training (for owner or staff):
• The key parts of your e-commerce store.
• The daily routines for running an online store.
• Controlling access and keeping your store safe.
• Taking advantage of your inbuilt reminders to keep things simple.
• Managing customers, products, inventory and orders.
• Simplified ways to process and have orders delivered.

7. On-going support:
We’re part of an industry-leading network of certified e-commerce specialists, who support businesses like yours around the world, to meet their goals. With the help of our network, we offer our clients the opportunity to enjoy:

• 24/7 technical support.
• Ongoing conversion rate optimisation, to maintain your growth from month to month, especially as data and feedback accumulate, new markets and products emerge, seasons change, and customer behaviors evolve.
• On-going branding and performance-based marketing.
• Advice regarding certain special issues encountered while running an e-commerce store.

By following the seven steps outlined above, we ensure that our clients have all bases covered, launch with very strong foundations, and can literarily import global-level efficiency and profitability into their business, thus enjoying better chances at success - regardless their local economy.

Best of all, we've made it easy to start on the above plan, and upgrade your business, simply click here to sign-up, and one of our experts will reach out to you.

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