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Drop Your Costs:
Can't afford the multiple costs of developing, hosting and updating a website that can genuinely grow your business, nor the specialist team to make it deliver on your goals? (continues below... )

Or maybe you're starting a new line of business and want to test the market first, before making heavy commitments?

No worries. Take our BizGro™ service, and with one small fee per month, you're covered for all these, and can be up and running in business in a jiffy. No website/software development costs needed.

Survive and thrive:
Small business failure rates across African countries are high, varying from 60% to 80%, depending on which statistics you read. Each of these dozens of millions of failed businesses thought they'd survive. Thought they'd grow big... just like you do now. So how do you know you'll be different?

Despite these tough times for small businesses, one area of Africa's economy has out-performed everything else on the continent, and that's the e-commerce sector - recorded as fastest-growing in the world, on an explosive growth from $18 billion in 2013, towards an expected $300 billion by 2025. This means that while most businesses struggle to survive, those that have leveraged the Internet properly, are growing at a healthy pace.

The 10 proven causes of small business failure, are well known. And the modern tactics for beating those odds now exist also. Thus, on an on-going basis we help our clients leverage these best practices, along with the superior economics of selling online and real-time performance management, to achieve a real edge towards overcoming these barricades, surviving and thriving - against the odds.

Prove Fundability:

Ask most small business owners their number one problem, and they'll say FUNDING. But ask funders for their number one problem with investing their hundreds of millions of dollars, held all across Africa today strictly for small businesses - like you, and they'll say CAPACITY BUILDING! Funders need to see your skills and ability to grow - not in words - but in DATA, and according to some industry metrics. So clearly - if you're not getting funding - you need some capacity building to get some.

But capacity Building is long and boring...
We know! That's why - instead of long classes - we just give you the online tools you need to dive into business, wherever you are, using what you already know. We also give you real-time data and insight, to show you how you're doing (by fundable standards), how to do better, plus dynamic tips to help you avoid disaster, each step of your business journey.

Thus, by using our system you'll not only prove and improve your business savvy - with irrefutable data, you'll also learn hands-on how you'll spend your business funding before you get it.

Don't suffer in the dark!
There's plenty of action going on today to support small businesses - especially those willing to sell online - in nearly every country across Africa. Do you know the programs, facilities, training, group finance, associations, clusters, seminars, internships, Angel investors, available to your region? Your industry? Your gender? Are you up to date as these opportunities happen?

We have access to a vast network of resource providers, and so can you too - when you join us. We stay in touch with our clients, updating you on what you need to know, to stay on top of your game - always.

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